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Tif-Taf Center for the Early Age

The “Tif-Taf” Center for the early age stands as a pioneering hub for parents and early age children , marking the first of its kind in Israel. Rooted in the vision of the esteemed late Prof. Panina Klein, an Israel Prize laureate in Education Research, the center was meticulously crafted under her close guidance. Our aim was to establish a haven for recreation and social interaction—a space fostering emotional and cognitive growth in children, shaping their future personas. When conceptualizing the center’s architecture and interior, our focus centered on nurturing creativity and curiosity. Vibrant, stimulating colors, bespoke furniture tailored to specific ages and requirements, alongside integrated technology for an immersive learning encounter throughout the center, converged to form an environment conducive to contemplation, innovation, and connections between children, parents, and peers. Central to our design was the seamless fusion of urban and natural elements. From the entrance, akin to a train station waiting area, transitioning through simulated landscapes of mountains, hills, seas, and urban-themed libraries, to the artfully crafted walls adorned with interactive structures—the journey embodies this harmonious blend. Each segment of the center caters to varying age groups, spanning from infancy to three years old, meticulously designed to meet distinct developmental needs at each stage. The outcome is a harmonious amalgamation—a vibrant, welcoming space that seamlessly intertwines functionality with an environment that inspires learning. Here, children explore and acquire new skills organically, shaped by the very space they inhabit.




The design concept aimed to cultivate and nurture creativity within a space that seamlessly blends urban and natural elements, guiding both children and parents through an engaging journey of learning and development






Hen Berkovitz