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Holistic Support Center for Early Childhood

The design concept aimed to establish a dedicated space for children aged from birth to 6 years old and their parents, drawing inspiration from familiar cityscapes and surrounding environments. This approach sought to craft an inclusive, creative, and delightful atmosphere catering to every child, parent, professional, and educational staff involved. Incorporating nature into the building was a pivotal aspect achieved through playful illustrations, a carefully curated color palette, and furniture echoing the hues of Hadera’s landscapes and its environs. Each floor encapsulated a distinct facet of the region—be it the tranquil dunes, the expansive sea, the lush forest, and more. Atop the structure, the preschool developmental playground harmonized these panoramic views, creating an immersive and experiential hub. Children engaged in an interactive journey across these landscapes, offering both challenge and discovery. This comprehensive center, accommodating a full spectrum of services catering to ages from birth to 6, extends an array of educational and therapeutic resources to city families. With a focus on quality and accessibility, it provides a platform for workshops, lectures, and activities relevant to parents of young children. The holistic design was paramount, recognizing the pivotal role of the early years in shaping cognitive, emotional, and social development. Understanding their profound impact on future achievements, crafting such an integrated center was a cornerstone of our vision.




An all-encompassing preschool hub housing three kindergartens, a developmental playground tailored for preschoolers, welfare offices, and a healthcare station.






Tamir Rogowski