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Tech Company Offices – Safehouse

As part of renovating the offices for an international tech company specializing in cybersecurity in Tel Aviv, a transformation was undertaken to craft varied spaces. This redesign included the introduction of an open space layout, a central area featuring cozy seating at the heart of the office, smaller private offices for quiet discussions and meetings, and a focal main meeting room. The company owners envisioned an office akin to a modern, unique home—a space that encourages enjoyment and productivity in its diverse areas. Retaining the original charm embodied by elements like the green mosaic walls and rattan mesh, our approach centered on an urban eclectic concept. This choice not only honors the site’s distinctiveness but also cultivates inviting and unique spaces. Through meticulous re-planning, thoughtful flooring, strategic wall configurations, enhanced lighting installations, carefully curated unique furniture selections, introduction of new greenery, and purposeful accessories, the space underwent a remarkable transformation. The result is a welcoming and appealing coworking space, offering a myriad of modular seating options catering to both the company’s employees and visitors, encompassing diverse functional needs. The handpicked furniture adds a touch of individuality, evoking a sense of delight.




Dynamic and eclectic urban offices designed to accommodate a diverse range of functions and purposes within the space




Tel Aviv


Tamir Rogowski