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Rishon Leziyon City Hall

The renovated Rishon Lezion Municipality Lobby, envisioned by our Studio, draws inspiration from its prime city-center location. It embodies a concept reminiscent of an urban piazza—a vibrant nexus harmonizing the outside world with the internal space. The contemporary design aims to create an inviting ambiance for both city employees and residents alike. Echoing the city’s essence, the lobby encapsulates hues and textures drawn from the sea, orchards, wine, and sand- symbols of Rishon Lezion. Terrazzo flooring evokes the image of sand and rocks, while reception desks adorned in greenish tiles, innovative lighting fixtures, and modern, plush furniture in soft pastel sea tones further echo these natural elements. The adaptable modular furniture allows versatile arrangements, facilitating diverse setups from waiting areas to ceremonies, conferences, cozy lounges, and more within the space. Our belief is that this revitalized lobby will serve as a unifying space, fostering connections among the city’s citizens and its dedicated employees.

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Soft and modern urban space that gathers the workers and residents together.




Rison Leziyon


Tamir Rogowski