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“Moments” Center for the Early Age

Located in Ramat Gan, Israel, the 220 sqm Early Age and Family Center named ‘Moments’ serves as a developmental haven for children from birth to three years old. The design concept revolves around creating ‘moments of silence’—a nurturing and immersive environment encouraging interaction between parents and children. Soft, dream-like hues reminiscent of childhood, paired with organic, flowing lines reflected in the design elements, ceilings, and multi-colored, shaped flooring, blend seamlessly with innovative gaming and technological solutions. This harmonious fusion crafts an inviting space, inviting parents and children to explore and nurture creativity while engaging in a variety of activities throughout the center. The center is intelligently divided into distinct zones: An Infant Area catering to newborns up to one year old. A designated space for ages one to three, fostering growth and exploration. A Workshop and Group Activities Complex designed to facilitate collaborative learning. Each section is thoughtfully tailored to the developmental needs of its respective age group, offering a unique blend of activities and bespoke design

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The vision was to create a nurturing space, a paradise that warmly embraces the parent and the child, and invites them to a magical and stimulating world – a short escape from routine to explore creativity and development




Ramat Gan


Tamir Rogowski